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  1. Michael Trimm says:

    After spending close to the last 20yrs learning all different types of legal remedies, loopholes, and workarounds I’ve Now I’m in the process of writing my first ebook and its going to be teaching how one can obtain a title to any car, motorcycle, boat, trailer, etc. with nothing more than just their bill of sale. It utilizes what’s known as THE SINGLE STATE LOOPHOLE. The laws of One state have made it easy to get a title with just a bill of sale. I also started creating some digital products showing how people can save money and take care of a lot of the matters they face on their own. DIY style! Thanks for the advice, I’ll be using it!

    1. Stan Profy says:

      This is awesome! Do make it happen and let me know when you do! We’ll be happy to help spread the word!

  2. After a career in the Air Force, owning a small consulting business, teaching at college level and holding a public office, I’ve decided to write memoirs of numerous expeditions I’ve been on. These include my continual fishing experiences and writing memoirs of many years of my granddaughters growing up with us.
    I’m contemplating my first ebook to be towards a humorous direction of what I call “The Great Worm Roundup” or “How To Ice Fish With A Fly Rod”. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Akubue Nkechinyere says:

    Since I am a teen whose parents never leave the house and can’t change that fact. I want to look at my condition from another point of view and write a book on teenage hood. What do you think?

    1. Stan Profy says:

      This sounds like a great idea!

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