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  1. Hi Stan,
    What a joy to be here today, I am here via Bizsugar wherein this is shared by my online friend David Leonhardt,, I am so glad to read this wonderful tutorial for creating eBook covers.
    Thanks for providing such an in-depth and easy to follow tuto for your readers.
    Keep sharing.
    I just subscribed, Keep sharing.
    Best Regards
    PS: I up-voted this post and shared a comment.

    1. Hi Philip, thanks so much for your kind words, upvotes and shares! It really is great to hear this guide looks useful!

  2. Good Guide – but grey fonts against white background – a strain to read.
    Step 3 – Image Editors – could hardly read the name of the cover design apps – white fonts against these colored backgrounds would have done the job.

    Good content – but cramped feeling.

    Well done – the part about inserting a cover in Google doc could have been more elaborate – maybe you should do a separate post on this topic.

    Thanks again.

    1. Stan Profy says:

      Thanks for your feedback! Do you mean all fonts or just those inside the tables? I’ll look into adjusting them!
      For “cramped feeling”, do you mean the overall content layout?
      I’ll look into elaborating further on inserting the cover too!

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