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  1. Hello Stan, Enjoyed your article.
    Here’s my problem. I signed up to Russell Brands subscription. My tag is Jim. But there’s another Jim there. I sent him a message and we had a bit of a laugh, but it is kinda strange that there’s two of us.

    Thanks Stan.

  2. heres my problem i remember lets say a week ago that when you replied / left a comment on someones video on youtube it left your channel name now it is leaving not my channel name any more instead of leaving a name that i cant find in my settings anywhere is there a way to change my youtube comments name back to my channel name instead of the other one ? and i have tryed google so far it hasn’t worked the way i want it to

  3. Where is the Avatar button on an IPAD. Want to change be unknown in comment sections of

  4. how to leave a “comment” without my email or name in the comment section. Your explanation is for much younger people.
    Be simple!, thank you

    1. Stan Profy says:

      On Youtube, you can only leave comments if you register. So you will have to create an account using an email and a name. You can use a fake name but you will need to create an account! that’s the only way it works

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