How to View Full Site on iPhone: Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Amazon Full Site

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Mobile screens are small and mobile connection may often be poor, so most sites default to mobile versions when you access it from your iPhone. But how to view the full site on iPhone?

Many of those mobile sites are really limited and basic, so you may find yourself wondering how to switch to a desktop version.

The good news, it’s not only possible, but there are actually several ways to do that:

How to View Full Site on iPhone

To view a full site on iPhone:

  • Load your site in your phone’s Safari app
  • Tap AA icon to the left of your iPhone address bar
  • Select “Request Desktop Website” option
How to View Full Site on iPhone
In Safari you can request to load the full / desktop version of any site

To always view the full site:

  • Open your site in Safari
  • Tap AA icon where you see your site URL
  • Select “Website Settings” 
  • Activate “Request Desktop Website” slider
How to View Full Site on iPhone
In Safari you can also serve the desktop version of any site by default

To always request full sites on Safari

  • Go to Settings app and there tap “Safari”
  • Scroll down to “Request Desktop Website”
  • Activate “Other Websites” option
Switch to desktop mode in iOS
You can adjust Safari settings for your iPhone to always request to load the full site
Watch video instructions: How to View Full Site on iPhone: Switch to Desktop Mode in iOS?

Amazon Full Site

To access Amazon full site on iPhone:

  • Load in the Safari app on your device
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page
  • Tap “Go to Desktop Site” link
amazon Full site
You can access full site by clicking the link in the footer of the site, You can also use Safari’s “Request Desktop Site” option for the same result

Amazon desktop version may be a bit too cluttered for a mobile screen but it is still quite usable. Amazon will try to convince you to install their app, so be prepared to click “No” button.

Linkedin Full Site

Linkedin doesn’t seem to offer an option to load their full site but the good news is that, iPhone’s built-in functionality will work:

  • Load in your iPhone’s Safari app and login using your Linkedin account details
  • Tap AA icon to the left of your iPhone address bar
  • Select “Request Desktop Website” option
Linkedin Full Site
Here’s how to access full site without installing the app

Facebook Full Site

To access Facebook full site on iPhone, all you need to do is to login to your account using Safari, versus using Facebook app, so:

  • Type in Safari address bar
  • Login using your Facebook account details
  • Reject an option to download their official app
Facebook full site
Facebook doesn’t have mobile version, so once you load the site in Safari, you are using its full version. To keep using Facebook full site, don’t use “Open Facebook App” option.

Youtube Full Site

When you load Youtube in your iPhone browser, it won’t give you an option to load a desktop site but you can still using iPhone’s built-in option:

  • Load using iPhone’s Safari app 
  • Tap AA icon to the left of your iPhone address bar
  • Select “Request Desktop Website” option
Youtube Full Site
You can access Youtube full site by enabling “Request Desktop Site” in Safari. Just keep rejecting installing / opening the Youtube app as the site will try to offer it repeatedly

And here’s what Youtube’s full site option looks on iPhone:

Youtube fll site in Safari
Here’s what Youtube’s full site looks on iPhone
A: Safari offers you an option to “Request Desktop Site” for any page you are loading. In most cases this option will load full site versions on your mobile device.
A: To permanently force your iPhone to request full sites, you will need to enable the “Request Desktop Website” inside the “Website Settings” section. You need to do it for each domain you want to access a full site for.
A: You can force Safari to always request a mobile version for any site by going Settings – Safari and there activate the “Other Websites” option inside the “Request Desktop Website” section.

Conclusion: How do I view any desktop site on iOS?

Mobile sites are usually limited or too basic. With these tips you can access the full version of just about any website, even by default. Let us know if you had trouble accessing the full version of any site!

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