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  1. Janie Lanning says:

    Who or what is Quora? Who is it controlled by? Is it connected with YouTube?

    1. seosmarty says:

      Hi Janie, as far as I know, it is an independent platform not affiliated to Youtube. Its owner is Quora Inc.

    2. John Faulkner says:

      Quora is a pain in the ar*se that I didn’t ask for or load and which I can’t get rid of either! I don’t have an app or a password so can’t remove the blighter! This is just the sort of app which should be banned along with clickbait and other rubbish practises.

  2. Dona VerBurg says:

    I never requested a quora account or have a login. This just appeared in my email and I want it removed! I cannot locate the app and never created a logon or password yet I get daily emails. Please tell me how to get rid of it!

    1. Stas Profy says:

      Hi Anna, using your email address you can request a new password to login and delete your account

      1. Christopher John Wren says:

        I keep requesting a password from Quora but it never sends anything!

  3. Christine says:

    I don’t want Quora sending me stupid message every day and I can not stop the website!

  4. Jennifer Francis says:

    This is not good enough. I tried to delete the account following the instructions. Then it asks for a password. I have no password to enter as I did not request Quora or set up an account.
    I just started receiving emails, day after day after day. How do I get this account deleted?

    1. Have you tried requesting a new password? Since you were able to access your account to delete it, you should be able to request a new password

  5. I want to delete Quora. I do not remember my password. It said I could reset so I did that .
    Then it said if I just deactivate it is restorable but it is not allowing me to deactivate or cancel even with the new password. Now I really want this gone. Not happy with this that takes control.

    1. What do you see when logging in? is it possible that you had your Quora registered at a different email address?

  6. Cheryl Leeds says:

    I want to be unsubscribed from Quora asap!
    I never got an ap & don’t want it! I do not have an account & do not want one. They started sending me emails without any of this & it is unbelievable I can’t just unsubscribe.

  7. Gail Ann Varchula says:

    I never subscribed to Quora IT just started on my Gmail everyday & won’t stop. I tried to delete it & I don’t understand how to delete it. I don’t want it IT upsets me. I have Depression. & anxiety & panic attacks & PTSD. I AM on med. From Dr. .MY cond. Is getting worse from Quora. I can’t take the animal abuse & Abandonments etc etc. Please STOP QUORA DELETE..

  8. Russ Rafter says:

    I am another who is plagued on a daily basis by Quora. I never requested it, nor did I sign up to it. It is an invasion of my privacy and I want it GONE NOW.

  9. Lois Grissom says:

    I never signed up for quota either. So how do I have it? Would like to understand how that happens. ?

  10. Their moderators are dumb as rocks

  11. Len Bartz says:

    The article states that you cannot get you account back if you delete it. In fact the opposite is the problem. I’ve deleted my Quora account over a dozen times and it always comes back like the un-dead monster it is.

    If I accidentally click on a result from a Google Search which leads to Quora, my Chrome browser will cheerfully serve up my email address and, “Log me in.” (Even when I’ve removed Quora from my memorized password lists.) I will then get a notification and email that, “Your Quora account has been reactivated, because you recently logged in.” Then I’ll start getting flooded with notifications in my email account and my phone, until I delete the account again.

    BUT, before I can delete the account I have to enter my password. Since I don’t HAVE a password, I have to, “reset,” the password, log in using the NEW password, and ask to delete the account from Quora’s, Setting’s page. The website will then tell me that my, “request has been processed,” at which point it will redirect me to Quora’s home page, where (if I’m not fast enough closing the window) it will log me BACK IN, and sends me a notification that, “Your Quora account has been reactivated, because you recently logged in.”

    Rinse, repeat, ad infinitum.

    If someone figures out where the Quora offices are and decides to burn them to the ground, please post footage to YouTube. I would gladly pay to watch.

  12. Christopher neyman says:

    Me too where did this piece of crap app come from and how come it requires me to go through steps to delete something I never downloaded! Seems to be a F. C. C. Failure.

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