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  1. Janie Lanning says:

    Who or what is Quora? Who is it controlled by? Is it connected with YouTube?

    1. seosmarty says:

      Hi Janie, as far as I know, it is an independent platform not affiliated to Youtube. Its owner is Quora Inc.

  2. Dona VerBurg says:

    I never requested a quora account or have a login. This just appeared in my email and I want it removed! I cannot locate the app and never created a logon or password yet I get daily emails. Please tell me how to get rid of it!

    1. Stas Profy says:

      Hi Anna, using your email address you can request a new password to login and delete your account

      1. Christopher John Wren says:

        I keep requesting a password from Quora but it never sends anything!

  3. Christine says:

    I don’t want Quora sending me stupid message every day and I can not stop the website!

  4. Jennifer Francis says:

    This is not good enough. I tried to delete the account following the instructions. Then it asks for a password. I have no password to enter as I did not request Quora or set up an account.
    I just started receiving emails, day after day after day. How do I get this account deleted?

    1. Have you tried requesting a new password? Since you were able to access your account to delete it, you should be able to request a new password

  5. I want to delete Quora. I do not remember my password. It said I could reset so I did that .
    Then it said if I just deactivate it is restorable but it is not allowing me to deactivate or cancel even with the new password. Now I really want this gone. Not happy with this that takes control.

    1. What do you see when logging in? is it possible that you had your Quora registered at a different email address?

  6. Cheryl Leeds says:

    I want to be unsubscribed from Quora asap!
    I never got an ap & don’t want it! I do not have an account & do not want one. They started sending me emails without any of this & it is unbelievable I can’t just unsubscribe.

  7. Gail Ann Varchula says:

    I never subscribed to Quora IT just started on my Gmail everyday & won’t stop. I tried to delete it & I don’t understand how to delete it. I don’t want it IT upsets me. I have Depression. & anxiety & panic attacks & PTSD. I AM on med. From Dr. .MY cond. Is getting worse from Quora. I can’t take the animal abuse & Abandonments etc etc. Please STOP QUORA DELETE..

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