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  1. What a terrible design that I had to google this and I am a software engineer.

    1. I thought the same tthing. I’ve been working with computers since the 70s and twitter is the least intuitive design I’ve ever come across.

  2. Joe Momma says:

    HORRIBLE design, this makes zero sense!

  3. Thank God! Finally I figured this out from here. LOL!

  4. I still can’t see them….

  5. Thank you God! I can finally figured this out LOL

    1. If only I could figure out who the commenter is replying to in a long string!

      1. Yes!! That’s my issue too! I’m a newborn to twitter…I don’t know how to respond sometimes…short sentence or my usual complete response I’m used to doing on fb.

  6. Esther Johnson Johnson says:

    Does everyone see their comment as a top comment first at the top?

  7. Thanks for this! I finally understand why people can view – and ‘like’ my comments while I couldn’t see their comments! I live and learn 🙂

  8. This is the worst design ever. This explanation page with graphic explanations looks like something out of TheOnion, as an explanation to us ‘illiterate morons’ (sarcasm). Moreover, the mobile app functions entirely different from what is described here. In reality, I too am a software engineer and does not follow any standard/predictable UX/UI flow. This counter non-intuitive nightmare should be a crime. Moreover, what makes the situation worse is Twitter itself, in theory could be coded from ground up in 1-2 days by anyone with intermediate server-side scripting knowledge/SQLDB/HTML5/CSS/JQuery and I can guarantee the clone would be entirely more functional… none of this: you must login for download the app to see bullshit, too!

  9. Google surfer says:

    “Hit the date to see comments”
    How could someone can figure it out?

  10. Kelly Leatherman says:

    Thank you for this, it’s my first day on X and I’m really unimpressed. To read comments, you DON’T click on comments, got it. Brilliant! Too many buttons and options for me but was happy to see I’m not alone in finding the app incredibly frustrating. SO glad I didn’t sign up for the fee service! Thanks again.

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