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  1. This used to work great but not anymore!! Any updated suggestions?

    1. Stan Profy says:

      Hi there, what exactly stopped working for you? There are a few tips here

  2. The div tags don’t have class=”dropdown blocks-you” on them now. They have mostly unintelligible attribute values. And beyond that I don’t think people who’ve blocked you are even appearing in the followers lists of other users when you retrieve them.

  3. Stan Profy says:

    Thank you! Yes, after Twitter redesign this method doesn’t work any more. We’ll keep looking for the workaround. As a side note, you DO see people blocking you in your friends’ list (II just checked). You cannot follow them though (the “Follow” button will bounce from “Following” back to “Follow”: That’s the only way to tell you are being blocked unless you click the profile link)

  4. Well…then it should be possible to decode the class attribute values?

  5. “How Can I Block Someone Who Has Blocked Me on Twitter?”

    That’s exactly the reason why I would like to see the list of people who have blocked me on twitter. I have a rule that I always block every person that has blocked me, but the lack of this insight doesn’t make it easy.

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