How to See Who Blocked Me on Twitter

Social networking is fun for the most part, but just like “real” life it’s full of negative emotions.

The easiest way to avoid any negativity on social media is to mute and block people that try to annoy you (including spam, trolling, and any kind of debate you don’t want to be part of).

But what if someone is blocking you? Would you want to know if that’s the case? Almost everybody using Twitter get confused about its banning functionality.

In most cases, I wouldn’t probably want to know but sometimes it gets really tricky, for example: What if that person blocking you is your good friend in real life? Or what if suddenly you are being blocked by many people? I would probably want to know that…

But is there a way to find out who’s blocked you on Twitter? Let’s see:

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Twitter?

Twitter isn’t making it easy to see whether anyone is blocking you on Twitter. The best way: go to the Twitter profile directly. There, instead of seeing their regular Twitter timeline, you will clearly and instantly see if you are being blocked on Twitter:

Who blocked me on Twitter
[Twitter lets you see if you are being blocked instantly. You’ll see the following message: “You are blocked from following @XXX and viewing @XXX Tweets”. You will not be able to follow the account or have any kind of interaction.]

That’s also what someone you block on Twitter sees when they are viewing your profile.

That’s really the only easy way to tell if someone blocked you on Twitter.

What Does Blocking Do on Twitter?

Other than that message on the profile page, there are not many red flags that can alarm you of a blocking situation. Twitter has made the process really subtle: You are not being notified if someone has blocked you on Twitter and you just overall stop hearing from each other.

  • If you tweet to someone who has blocked you, they will not see that tweet (And it will not appear in their notifications).
  • Additionally, if you are both included in one tweet by someone else on Twitter, you will both see it and you will be able to reply to everyone on that thread, but the user who is blocking you won’t see you reply as if it didn’t exist.
  • If you search for hashtags that person is using, you will not see their tweets in the hashtag search results.
  • Private messaging (i.e. an ability to send a direct message) is also not available for blocked accounts
  • If your common friend retweets any of your tweets, the person who is blocking you will not see that retweet
Copy tweet URL
To open a Twitter thread in a new browser, copy its URL, open an alternative browser where you are not signed-in to Twitter and paste the URL in the address bar

If you are being blocked on the social network, there’s no way to tell. Twitter won’t show it in your Twitter analytics and any conversation involving both of you. Your Twitter dashboard will have no notification alerting you of the situation and the whole functionality will remain the same. For the sake of your sanity, it’s probably better to remain oblivious…

Likewise, if you are blocking anyone on Twitter, they will probably never find out.

You can keep tweeting to someone blocking you without ever realizing he/she cannot hear you. You can engage with anyone without ever realizing they are blocking you. Also, officially, the number of people blocking you doesn’t affect your Twitter popularity (but it might be some sort of a red flag we are not told about)

The same is true to most Twitter clients including Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, as well as on the smartphone using an official Twitter app.

Obviously, you cannot follow or unfollow the Twitter account blocking you but you can block them in return.

Can You See a List of Who Blocked You on Twitter?


There’s no official process that would explain how to find people who are blocking you.

And you may not want to know.

Unless you land on that profile page often enough to clearly see you are being blocked, do you really need to know?

Can I See A List of Everyone I Have Blocked?

Yes, you can keep track of anyone you are blocking:

  • Click your profile pick in the top-right corner
  • Click “Setting and privacy”
  • From there click “Blocked accounts”:
Who am I blocking
Here’s your Twitter block list

You can also import a list of Twitter usernames you want to mass-block.

How Can I Block Someone Who Has Blocked Me on Twitter?

The good news, you can still block anyone who is blocking you on Twitter to avoid any further interaction, in case you feel revengeful: Just click the three-dot icon to the top-right of their Twitter profile and select “Block”:

block someone who has blocked me on twitter
Here’s how to block anyone who is blocking you on Twitter

You are done!

Now if that person decides to unblock you, they will see you are now blocking them in return (in which case they may decide to block you again:)

How to See Who Blocked Me on Twitter Now?

  • Go directly to their Twitter profile page (You may search for it in Google if you cannot remember it)
  • If there’s a message saying you cannot see the user’s profile because you are blocked, then this person is blocking you on Twitter

In Summary: FAQ

A: Yes, if you land on their Twitter profile, you’ll see you are blocked. Twitter will not send you any notification if you are blocked, so you won’t know until you land on that profile page
A: You can use “Mute” option which will remove updates from this account from your Twitter feed, your Notifications tab, push notifications, text messages, email notifications, and reply . There is no way to tell if you are muted. You can also use advanced muting options to get rid of tweets using particular words, emojis, or hashtags
A: Yes, you can. Use a vertical three-dot icon to block them back, if you feel revengeful. They will only notice that if they attempt to unblock you though.
A: No, it hides messages. You may still see them if you unblock the account.
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6 responses to “How to See Who Blocked Me on Twitter”

  1. Me Avatar

    This used to work great but not anymore!! Any updated suggestions?

    1. Stan Profy Avatar
      Stan Profy

      Hi there, what exactly stopped working for you? There are a few tips here

  2. Paul Avatar

    The div tags don’t have class=”dropdown blocks-you” on them now. They have mostly unintelligible attribute values. And beyond that I don’t think people who’ve blocked you are even appearing in the followers lists of other users when you retrieve them.

  3. Stan Profy Avatar
    Stan Profy

    Thank you! Yes, after Twitter redesign this method doesn’t work any more. We’ll keep looking for the workaround. As a side note, you DO see people blocking you in your friends’ list (II just checked). You cannot follow them though (the “Follow” button will bounce from “Following” back to “Follow”: That’s the only way to tell you are being blocked unless you click the profile link)

  4. Paul Avatar

    Well…then it should be possible to decode the class attribute values?

  5. Sektor Avatar

    “How Can I Block Someone Who Has Blocked Me on Twitter?”

    That’s exactly the reason why I would like to see the list of people who have blocked me on twitter. I have a rule that I always block every person that has blocked me, but the lack of this insight doesn’t make it easy.

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